About Us

Foothill Flying Club was established in September 2008 after the old flight school (of 25 years) came upon hard times. It is the brain child of Tony Settember and Kent Pramhus who tried to take the major complaints of the flight school business, in general, to task. Since we have all been student pilots at one time or another, Kent and Tony pooled their knowledge and founded Foothill Flying Club in the spirit of “doing it right”. They partnered with Curtis Cable and Foothill Aircraft Sales, and…with the generous help of Bob Cable, Foothill Flying Club came to be.

Some of the ideas they introduced are; Easy access 24/7 pilots lounge with electronic learning center and library; 24/7 automated aircraft dispatch and scheduling; On-line payment center; No fuel surcharges; No daily rental minimums for most airplanes; Low aircraft insurance deductibles; Aircraft that are maintained to the highest standards by an FAA Certified Repair Station; Introduce pilots to a variety of flying, including the “tail-dragger” experience, Light Sport Aircraft, Multi-engine and high performance aircraft, Warbird and technically advanced airplanes, Old Time Flying with no electronics and hand-propping; Advanced Mountain Flying Training. Regular social gatherings, safety meetings, and fly-outs.

Tony Settember has deep roots in the Inland Empire. He was born in Upland in 1954 and grew up in Ontario. He attended Chaffey High School and San Jose State. Tony’s dad soloed at Cable Airport in 1948 in a Vultee BT-13. Tony’s dad  has a 50 year romance with general aviation and acquired over 10,000 hours in all sorts of GA airplanes. Tony’s mom is a retired Ontario/Montclair  Elementary School Teacher. His moms family has been in the Ontario Upland area since the 1890’s.

Tony has been flying for over 30 years and, like his DAD, has over 10,000 hours in general aviation aircraft. Tony is a Certified Flight Instructor and has been buying and selling aircraft for Foothill Aircraft Sales since 2001. He has been a factory dealer for Symphony Aircraft, Gobosh LSA, and American Legend Cub.

Tony is married to Linda Settember for 42 years and has two sons, Mike and Dave. Linda, Mike and Dave are all pilots. Even Linda’s sister Dottie got infected with aviation and owns her own airplane and has her A&P mechanics certificate.

Tony has been in the customer service and sales business his entire life, and loves to talk airplanes with just about anyone who will listen.