About Us

Foothill Flying Club is the Best Flight School and Flying Club in the Inland Empire.   “Our focus is to provide comprehensive training in a quality and safe environment to make sure you are the best prepared when starting your path to flying! We also provide a fleet of quality aircraft that pilots can rent and fly as if they owned them. With over 35 years of experience we know what it takes to make sure you are fully prepared to take on the exhilarating experience of flying.” Cable Airport (KCCB) is located in Upland, California, on the border with Claremont, California, at the top of the Inland Empire. Close to Los Angeles and  Orange County, Upland is a fantastic place to live and fly. Great flying weather abounds most everyday and you will find the friendliest people on earth here. Foothill Flying Club is the Inland Empire’s only Technically Advanced Flying Facility, featuring electronic key dispatch, 24-7 access to all airplanes, on-line scheduling, on-line payments, and the best pilot lounge ever! Whether you want to crack a good book, surf the web, chat with your friends, or stare out the window, we provide the very best atmosphere for the job.

Plus...Maniac-Mikes Cafe is right next door!