Learn to Fly

One of the primary goals of Foothill Flying Club is to bring the thrill and excitement of general aviation to everyone we can!

At Foothill Flying Club we offer training for most pilot certificates and ratings: Private Pilot, Instrument rating, Complex rating, Tail wheel training and endorsement, Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. You’ll start your flight training with a Private Pilot Certificate. 

Earning a Private Pilot License will require a minimum of 40 hours of training, and will allow you to fly a wide variety and size of aircraft. This will be your first step toward becoming a Commercial Pilot, if you are looking for a career.

We have included a great video below!

Training costs will vary depending on your level of commitment and skill. The largest variable that affects the final cost is the number of flight hours required to earn the certificate. Some may reach the necessary competence level at the FAA minimum, while others may take longer. The best way to minimize total flight hours is to stay focused and to fly frequently. 

If you are reasonably certain you want to pursue flight training but just want to be sure before committing too much time, money, or effort, consider taking an Introductory Flight.  On this flight you and one of our FAA certified flight instructors will spend time in the air learning some basic flight maneuvers!  We offer the 30 minute Introductory flight and the 42 minute Discovery flight.  Please click on Introductory Flight on the menu bar.

Click here to learn about taking a discovery flight!

TSA Security Note: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires new students to prove their US citizenship before commencing flight training. In general this requirement can be met with one of the following:

     Valid, unexpired U.S. passport.

     Original birth certificate, and government-issued picture ID (drivers license).

If you are not a citizen, or cannot produce the above documents, then there is an extra step to qualify for flight training through TSA. You can get more information here.

You can take an Introductory Flight prior to meeting these TSA requirements, but in order to proceed with training beyond that first flight, we’ll need to satisfy the TSA.